Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mini-Post -- IBM IOD -- DB2 BLU Acceleration Revolution

Rounding out my quickies from the IBM Information on Demand conference ... I note from conversations with BLU experts that they are seeing "2-5 times acceleration" via tuning over the initial release; and I would expect that acceleration to show up in a new release some time in the next 3-6 months.  I did expect a performance boost, although more in the 50%-100% range.  If form holds true, we should see another performance boost through customization for particular workload types, maybe of 50-100%, conservatively.  Total at some point in the next 9 months, at a guess:  3-10 times acceleration.  Or, an order of magnitude on top of an order of magnitude, leading to 2 orders of magnitude compared to the obvious competition.

When are people going to admit that this is not just another database technology?

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